The link between domestic violence and Gambling addiction

The link between domestic violence and Gambling addiction

Gambling is a good way to spend and possibly make money if you are a great risk taker. But, we all know that addiction to anything can lead to serious outcomes which can be harmful. So, this is why it is recommended that Gambling should be done so that people do not get addicted to the same. Gambling addiction can be harmful, even more, dangerous than people think. Gambling addiction often leads to domestic violence, which is now becoming a major issue in most houses where people are addicted to gambling. Many types of research and studies took place related to the same.

How is gambling addiction & Domestic Violence corelated?

And the outcomes of all of them have reported that Gambling addiction and domestic violence are often correlated. Most couples these days fight about one thing only, and that is money. And we all know that money is highly involved in online gambling or gambling scenarios. When people get addicted to gambling, they often get provoked when arguments are made about money. Due to this reason, many researchers have figured out that gambling addiction and domestic violence are now related to each other. All forms of domestic violence fall under this category, whether it be legal or sexual.

The main reason behind the same is the Gambling addiction of the individuals. Some researchers even found out that the chances of domestic violence in a family get an increase when one of them is a gambling addict. The opportunities do not grow in a small number, and they rise more than ten times, due to which people with Gambling addiction are more likely to be involved in cases related to domestic violence. Many studies have even figured out that gambling addiction can be harmful. Leading to domestic violence as much as alcohol addiction leads to the same. So, there is not much difference between gambling addiction and alcohol addiction.

Studies Related to it

There are several studies that have been conducted related to the same. One study even says that families who have gambling addicts in them have an 80% chance that they will be suffering from domestic violence soon. Out of the cases which came out recently related to domestic violence, 60% of them came out associated with the gambling addiction among the family members. When gambling addiction leads to domestic violence, people are unable to control themselves or their behavior. This leads to some serious outcomes. Due to this reason, gambling addiction can come out to be harmful to families.

It has also been discovered that both gambling addiction and hypersexuality are linked to each other. Both of these things release the same hormones, which can be considered harmful. It is recommended to people with Gambling addiction believe to visit a therapist who would help them to recover. The therapist asks a series of questions through which it would be easier for them to deal with the situation and cure it as soon as possible. The first set of questions they ask is about the gambling habits of the individual.


It is necessary for the individual to correctly answer the same as it would be connected to the next set of questions. This set of questions is linked to the family members or loved ones of those addicted to gambling. It helps the therapist to find out how gambling habits are affecting the emotional and financial things in a family. In the end, they find out the conclusions which need to be taken for the same. They might even send the people addicted to gambling to the places where they teach about tough love. This helps the individual to leave their gambling addiction and be loving to their families.

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